I have always been fascinated by the concept of one large space as the center of the home. A living/dining/kitchen all in one. And apparently I am not the only one. Many of the homes sold or for sale today in Lafayette’s market are indeed designed in the same way. In the last five to seven years I have really noticed this movement gaining more and more momentum. In fact, the last two homes Prestigious Home Builders sold were designed with this very concept in mind. And PHB also has three more current homes under construction that are designed the same way. So as the title suggests, I LOVE, am passionate about, and All In on an open floor plan. I have always had the mentality of building homes that I could envision I would love to live in myself. And feel blessed to be able to bring this concept to a reality!

The picture above; 102 Little Hickory, located in Green Farms Subdivision (Lafayette’s newest and exclusive gated community!) is a pretty great illustration of the open floor plan concept. One large floorspace with high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. Designed as one interactive space that feels effortless. A layout that is practical to how families live their daily lives. You walk through the foyer and are hit with this awesome airy feeling of being in a living space that is very vast. Yet as you walkthrough, the flow of the floorplan is meticulously thought out. Custom designed to give each room its own space with flow of foot traffic. With this concept you have a site triangle where everyone in the kitchen, dining, and living room can family spending quality time. Or have the option to multitask, accomplishing one of the countless to do’s in a day. And this triangle inside is extended even further to the outdoor living space. A feature which I personally love. As you jettison through the space you can see all the action that is going down outside. As my beautiful wife and I are huge sports people. We are constantly having friends and family over to watch the big game. So we have an even flow of children and adults making their way in and out of the home watching the game, grilling a meal, or throwing the football outside. And with this set up everyone feels included in the action and is not far from the various different areas. At least that’s our vision anyway.

As a small business owner and custom Homebuilder, I am constantly evaluating my homes and am curious how the general public sees not only my homes, but how they feel about a home in general. If you feel the same way; hate, like, love, or have an observation on any of my homes or the open floor plan in general. Please feel free to post a comment, PM me, or send an email. I would love your thoughts and feedback.

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